1. Starting from the local: avoiding, accommodating and/or overcoming global visions for science and development
  2. Where are we now? The past and the future of Swedish development research collaboration
  3. Drivers and dynamics of migration (3/15)
  4. Is ”Precarity” a useful concept for understanding development in Asia? (Cancelled)
  5. Infrastructure and the political ordering of development
  6. Antibiotic resistance and measures to control its consequences – need for a multidisciplinary approach
  7. Contested urban visions in the Global South
  8. Land and resource tenure rights in the context of new global development agendas
  9. The sustainable development goals: from global to local governance
  10. Establishing participatory processes in ecosystem-based agricultural management strategies
  11. From the failures of anti-politics to the promise of cash transfer: James Ferguson and the development encounter
  12. The donor-recipient relationship: national ownership and extensive donor presence
  13. Looking for opportunities and creating new urbanism in the developing countries: local dynamics and policy implications
  14. Vaccine production from bench to market using novel and appropriate technologies (Cancelled)
  15. Drivers and dynamics of migration (3/15)
  16. Pneumonia in children below the age of five and their mothers
  17. Transformation of knowledge to enhance local capacity for sustainable water development
  18. How can research on links between ecosystem services and human wellbeing support poverty alleviation? (Cancelled)
  19. Traditional knowledge and biodiversity: sustainable development, rights and equity (Cancelled)
  20. Air quality and climate effects in low income countries: from observations to policy in a post-COP21 world
  21. Ecosystem services and disservices from a farmer’s perspective in agro-ecological landscapes
  22. Everyday practices in global development institutions: process and power (Cancelled)
  23. The politics of hybridity in everyday Africa: informalization and security and development
  24. The rural household – an energy and food security nexus of global importance
  25. Violence as a threat to mental health, economic growth and social stability, with intergenerational effects
  26. Understanding behaviour and choice in context: accessing local knowledge to enhance energy access and sanitation interventions 
  27. Democracy and development revisited
  28. Seeking assistance: inequalities in accountability and service provision
  29. Food security and improved nutrition for the poor – a multidisciplinary research task
  30. Peacebuilding amidst violence – localizing the security-development nexus
  31. Global challenges for development research: lessons from North-South collaborations
  32. Aid in local contexts
  33. Climate information for food security in developing countries
  34. Bridging the gap between water, sanitation and food production for improved food and nutrition security
  35. Air quality and well being in cities
  36. Food and water security via viable business models
  37. Culture & media for development
  38. Combining outreach and academia - understanding the role of religion in development (Cancelled)
  39. One health
  40. Sheltering and development
  41. Prediction and preparedness against emerging zoonotic infections
  42. Disaster and health
  43. Improving school education outcomes: evidence, knowledge gaps, and policy implications
  44. The SDGs – reflecting on the implications for global and national health (Cancelled)
  45. Round table: Transdisciplinary co-production: innovative methodologies for just urban transformations
  46. Round table: Knowledge production, regional research organizations and the bridging of the local–global chasm in development cooperation