The website of the Department of Human Geography at Stockholm University contains five main sections: education, research, publications, collaboration, and about The website is available in a Swedish ( and an English ( version – the content of these two versions is not identical.

This website is part of our information material and is compiled and edited by the Department. This is the eighth main version of since the late winter of 1996 and published in early July 2011. The technique and the design are university universal.

The ambition is to build the website according the guidelines in the “Vägledningen 24-timmarswebben”. XHTML 1.0 Transitional is used for the content and the presentations are managed by CSS 2.1.

The search function at searches at the sub site, the university wide course and programme database, and the university staff database. The results are presented in three separate columns.

Questions about the website
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