Practical info


No hotel reservations have been made for the Development Research Conference 2016. Conference participants are recommended to book accommodation well in advance.


All participants will receive a printed version of the conference booklet upon arrival at the conference venue. In addition the booklet (pdf) can be downloaded.


Closest to the conference venue, by the entrance to the subway.

Coffee breaks

Coffee and tea will be served at four stations in houses Y and U – marked on the map of the Geo-Science Building.


Urgent issues: Lena Fält, +46 (0)8 16 48 42.


Conference dinner 22nd August 18:30 at Restaurant Lantis, see campus map. Note: Only pre-paid presenters can participate.

Luggage room

A room located by the reception in house Y, 1st floor, will be available for storage on 24th August – on participants’ own responsibility.


Participants with lunch coupons for 23rd and 24th August will have lunch at Restaurant Lantis. Other participants can buy lunch at restaurants on campus (see campus map):

  • PicNic (serves hamburgers, pizza, kebab, sallads)
  • Green Peas (organic, vegetarian food), Gröna villan
  • Lantis (three different dishes, incl. one vegetarian)
  • Prego (salads, sandwiches), D-huset/House D
  • Prego, Studenthuset
  • Stories (warm dishes, salads and sandwiches)
  • Fossilen (warm dishes and sandwiches), Swedish Museum of Natural History
  • Pressbyrån (convenience store)
  • 7-Eleven (convenience store)


Presenters should save their PowerPoint presentation as a pptx-file, Microsoft Office 2007 or newer (otherwise as a pdf), and send it to the panel convener(s) in advance of the conference. Please also bring it to the session in a USB-flash drive as a precaution. Please come to your session 15 minutes before the start. You are advised to arrive early at all sessions, as some sessions will be crowded.


All participants must register upon arrival at the reception/registration desk. Please register between 11:00 and 12:45 on the 22nd August in the Aula Magna (lobby), see campus map.

Registration and reception desk

22nd August in Aula Magna.

From 23rd August at 10:30, the desk will be in the Geo-Science Building, house Y (lobby).


Please arrive in time for each session – access will be on a first come first served basis. Please wear your conference batch at all times, as this will be required to access the venues.

Taxi and public transport

If you need a taxi, you can call Taxi Stockholm +46 (0)8 15 00 00; pick up/drop off at two possible locations: (a) Aula Magna, Frescativägen 6, or (b) Geo-Science Building (in Swedish: Geovetenskapens hus), Svante Arrhenius väg 8 (marked on the campus map).

You can also reach the conference venue by public transportation. Take the metro (red line number 14) or bus (number 50, 540, 608 or 670) to station Universitetet. You can buy a single use travel card for 24 or 72 hours; tickets are sold at SL Center; Arlanda Airport; Stockholm Central station; certain hotels and small scale ticket agents, such as tobacconists. The card will be activated during your first journey. To plan your trip and to get more information about the public transportation system, visit

Venue – maps and travel directions


The conference will take place at the Stockholm University main campus, Frescati. The campus is situated within the Royal National City Park at northern Djurgården in the City of Stockholm, Sweden.


Wireless Internet is avalable in all Stockholm University buildings. Participants without Eduroam access can obtain a guest login at the conference reception.


Department of Human Geography
Stockholm University
SE-106 91 Stockholm

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