The research in the Stockholm University Department of Human Geography concentrates on four research profiles:

This includes studies in Europe – particularly in Sweden – as well as in other parts of the world, with emphasis on Africa south of the Sahara. Some faculty and doctoral students have interests in more than one research profile. Part of the research is carried out with partners throughout the University and in cooperation with researchers in other organizations in Sweden and abroad.

Research news

  • Many migrants remain in the same type of neighbourhood as they first settled in 2020-03-27 The kind of neighbourhood or region that refugees and migrants first settle in is often where they remain – even when they settled in relatively poor neighbourhoods. This is a result from a new dissertation in Human Geography, which contradicts a common theory about migrants’ residential mobility.
  • How polarized is Sweden? 2020-01-21 Are we living close to people who not only think like us but also have the same life history? A new research project is now examining how segregation, neighbourhoods and our life courses affect each other.
  • Chris de Bont. Photo: Daniel Rossetti/Stockholm University Who gets to decide how to run a farm? 2019-11-21 Farmers in Tanzania often develop their own small, but yet effective, watering systems for their fields. Even though they often work better than the large-scale systems built by the government the farmers' work rarely gets valued.


The Stockholm Urban and Regional Research Environment
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Historical Geography and Landscape Studies
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Population Geography, Migration and GIS
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Urban Africa
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