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Final plenary panel

What role for research in the new policy context?

Conference participants and observers are welcome to post their comments on this theme at


All participants will receive a printed version of the conference booklet upon arrival at the conference venue. In addition the booklet (pdf) can be downloaded.


Professor Andrea Cornwall, University of Sussex.
‘Addressing Discrimination on the Basis of Gender: Towards a More Just and Equal World for All.’

Professor Andrea J. Nightingale, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
‘Global Challenges and Visions for Change: the politics of rescaling environmental governance and development practice.’


The conference aims to provide a multi-disciplinary forum for networking and intellectual exchange among scholars who conduct research in and of relevance to low-income countries and/or engage in capacity-building collaborations. The conference also intends to offer a platform for interaction between development researchers, policy makers, practitioners and other non-academic actors. The programme includes 46 thematic sessions and over 200 presentations by development researchers from a wide range of disciplines, keynote lectures and other events.


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