The Development Research Conference 2016 is organised August 22–24th, 2016. The conference will take place at the Stockholm University main campus, Frescati. The campus is situated within the Royal National City Park at northern Djurgården in the City of Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm University
City of Stockholm
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Travel to Stockholm

From Stockholm airports
The main airport is Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The airport is linked to Stockholm by airport coaches (approximately every 10 minutes, 45 minutes travel to the coach terminal at the Stockholm main railway station), regular commuter train service (every 30 minutes, 38 minutes travel), and a high speed train service (every 10-20 minutes, 20 minutes travel). The smaller airports in the region with regular passenger traffic are Bromma (20 minutes by airport coach and about 25 minutes by bus and commuter train or bus and underground to the Stockholm main railway station), Skavsta (80 minutes by airport coach) and Västerås (80 minutes by airport coach).

Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Stockholm Bromma Airport
Stockholm Skavsta Airport
Stockholm Västerås Airport

By car, coach, ferry and rail
Stockholm is accessible. There are rail links, access to major road networks and ferry lines.

Travel to Stockholm (Stockholm Visitors Board)

Getting to the Frescati campus

By metro
The red metro line (number 14) from “Fruängen”, passing “T-Centralen”, bound for “Mörby centrum”, will take you to the station “Universitetet”. It is an nine-minute journey from T-Centralen, the underground station adjacent to the Stockholm main railway station. 

By train
“Roslagsbanan” suburban train from “Östra station”, the Stockholm eastern station (or some other stop), will take you to the halt “Universitetet”. 

By bus
The closest bus stops are "Universitetet" and “Universitet Norra” (at the underground station). The bus routes are: 50 (from a number of stops including Moa Martinssons torg at Hornsberg in the western part of Kungsholmen, Fridhemsplan (underground), Stadshuset (the Stockholm City Hall), Centralen (the main railway station and underground hub) Norra Bantorget, Odenplan (underground), Stadsbiblioteket (the main Stockholm public library), Roslagstull och Stora Lappkärrsberget), 540 (Tensta (underground) and Ulriksdals station (commuter train)), 608 (Vallentuna and Arninge), 670 (Vaxholm) and 676 (Norrtälje).

By bike or foot
There are a number of bike and walk paths; for example alongside the Brunnsviken (bay), along the Roslagsvägen (road) or through the Lill-Jans skogen (wood/park).

By coach
Recommended drop off and pick up point is at the Svante Arrhenius väg (road) next to the parking at the Frescatihallen sports centre just north of the Geo-Science Building.

By taxi
A drop off and pick up point is situated just outside the Geo-Science Building entrance at Svante Arrhenius väg 8 (Stockholm University number 7) and for Aula Magna the street address for taxi is Frescativägen 6 (Stockholm University number 6).

By car
You can drive to the Frescati campus using Roslagsvägen (the road from “Roslagstull” towards “Norrtälje” or the other way around), Frescativägen and Svante Arrhenius väg. The northern exit of Norra länken, the northern link motorway tunnel, is located just south of Frescati. Limited pay and display parking is available close to Svante Arrhenius väg (the road south of the Vegaplatsen garden square at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, nearby Frescatihallen sports centre just north of the Geo-Science Building) and south of the Södra huset, the south block. The pay and display parking south of the Manne Siegbahn buildings is for Stockholm University staff only; you need a staff sticker to park. In Stockholm there is a system of congestion taxes for vehicles passing in and out of the inner city; the campus is situated within this zone.

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Stockholm University campus maps
Campus Frescati – Google Maps

Stockholm University campus map for the conference
Map of the Geo-Science Building

Venue photos

Aula Magna, Frescati.
Aula Magna, Frescati.
Aula Magna, Frescati.
Aula Magna, Frescati.
Geo-Science Building, Frescati.
Geo-Science Building, Frescati.
Part of Stockholm University campus Frescati and the inner city of Stockholm.
Part of Stockholm University campus Frescati and the inner city of Stockholm.