Important technical information

You will need to use your own laptop or tablet. All the lecture halls have at least a VGA connection to the video projector and you have to make sure that you have this type of connector. A laptop or tablet with only a HDMI connection is not recommended and if you use a VGA-adapter, you have to make sure it is tested and working.

Presenters should save their PowerPoint presentation as a pptx-file, pdf-file, Microsoft Office 2007 or newer. We recommend you to ask the presenters to send their presentations to you, the convener(s), in advance of the conference. It can also be a good thing to bring a file with the presentations to the session in a USB-flash drive as a precaution.

Please come to your session betimes to prepare and make sure everything is set up correctly. There will be volunteers around to help you if some problems occur.

If you want Wi-Fi for access to ex. cloud storage and email, the safest way is to make sure you have activated your Eduroam account.