Taylor Brydges har fått ett forskningsanslag från Vetenskapsrådet (VR) för postdoktorprojektet ”Cirkulärt är det nya svarta: En undersökning av genomförandet av cirkulärekonomiska principer i den svenska modebranschen”. Projektet är kopplat till Dominic Powers forskning.

This research project investigates sustainability in the fashion industry, one of the most wasteful consumer industries in the world. It proposes a novel theoretical framework that combines the global production networks with the emerging concept of the circular economy. Global production networks in the fashion industry operate linearly: non-renewable resources are extracted to manufacture clothing that is distributed around the world and worn for a short period before being disposed of. This system has created the environmental, social, and economic crises that have come to define the fashion industry. There is a need to reimagine this model of "take-make-dispose" and create a new, more sustainable fashion industry. The Circular Economy has been identified as an exciting way forward for reinventing the production networks and logic that have come to define the fashion industry. Empirically, this research draws upon a qualitative case study of Swedish fashion firms, consisting of semi-structured interviews and document analysis. The timetable of this research is 36 months. Deliverables include three academic articles and conference presentations. The academic significance of this research is a re-theorization of global production networks from the perspective of the circular economy. This research complements several ongoing research activities at the University of Bern, relating to economic competitiveness, innovation, post-growth, and globalization.