Publikationer 2016

Författare Titel År
Pontus Hennerdal
Changes in place location knowledge : a follow-up study in Arvika, Sweden, 1968 and 2013 2015
Marianne Abramsson, Eva Andersson
Changing Preferences with Ageing - Housing Choices and Housing Plans of Older People 2016
Adama Onyanta
Cities, municipal solid waste management, and climate change : Perspectives from the South 2017
Thomas Borén, Craig Young
Conceptual export and theory mobilities : exploring the reception and development of the “creative city thesis” in the post-socialist urban realm 2016
Charlotta Hedberg
Doing gender' in the wild berry industry : Transforming the role of Thai women in rural Sweden 1980-2012 2016
Hendrik Haenke, Lowe Börjeson, Kristoffer Hylander,
et al.
Drought tolerant species dominate as rainfall and tree cover returns in the West African Sahel 2016
Tola Gemechu Ango
Ecosystem Services and Disservices in an Agriculture–Forest Mosaic : A Study of Forest and Tree Management and Landscape Transformation in Southwestern Ethiopia 2016
Hans Andersson, Mats Widgren
Ekologi och samhällsförändringar sedda genom en ödegård 2016
Per Strömblad, Bo Malmberg
Martina Angela Caretta, Yvonne Riano
Feminist participatory methodologies in geography : creating spaces of inclusion 2016
Mats Widgren
Four myths in global agrarian history 2016
Lena Fält
From Shacks to Skyscrapers : Multiple Spatial Rationalities and Urban Transformation in Accra, Ghana 2016
Natasha Alexandra Webster
Gender and Social Practices in Migration : A case study of Thai women in rural Sweden 2016
Wilhelm Östberg, Joseph Mduma
Getting to Know Goima Anew / Tracing Change in a Tanzanian Village with a 25 Year Perspective 2016
Ida Andersson
'Green cities' going greener? Local environmental policy-making and place branding in the 'Greenest City in Europe' 2016
Wilhelm Östberg
Göra kultur : Hur det blir midsommar i Vamlingbo 2016
Hans Andersson, Mats Widgren
Inledning 2016
Andrew Cumbers, David Featherstone, Danny MacKinnon,
et al.
Intervening in globalisation : the spatial possibilities and institutional barriers to labour’s collective agency 2014
Bo Malmberg, Thomas Wimark, Jani Turunen,
et al.
Invandringens effekter på Sveriges ekonomiska utveckling 2016

Kan man leva på en ödegård? Huvudgårdar, landbotorp och odlingssystem under medeltid i Lägerbobygden, Östergötland 2016
Maja Lagerqvist
Kulturarv i kristider : Hur 2000-talets globala ekonomiska kris påverkat det offentliga arbetet med kulturhistoriska miljöer på Irland 2017
Mats Widgren
Lägerbobygden 2016
Martina Angela Caretta
Member checking : A feminist participatory analysis of the use of preliminary results pamphlets in cross-cultural, cross-language research 2016
Thomas Wimark
Migration motives of gay men in the new acceptance era : a cohort study from Malmö, Sweden 2014
Wilhelm Östberg
Museum pieces : Life once removed 2016
Ilda Lindell, Jennifer Norström, Andrew Byerley
New City Visions and the Politics of Redevelopment in Dar es Salaam 2017
Gunnel Forsberg
New Ruralities : The Influence of International Migration on Swedish Rural Areas 2016
Wilhelm Östberg
När Nefertiti lämnade Egypten 2016
E. Gunilla A. Olsson, Eva Kerselaers, Lone Søderkvist Kristensen,
et al.
Peri-Urban Food Production and Its Relation to Urban Resilience 2017
Mitchell Reardon, Peter Schmitt
Planning for resource efficiency in Stockholm : 'Good’ territorial governance practices without consistency 2016
Lukas Smas, Peter Schmitt, Liisa Perjo,
et al.
Positioning urban labs – a new form of smart governance? 2017
Mats Widgren, Tim Maggs, Anna Plikk,
et al.
Precolonial agricultural terracing in Bokoni, South Africa : Typology and an exploratory excavation 2016
Anders Wästfelt, Qian Zhang
Reclaiming localisation for revitalising agriculture : A case study of peri-urban agricultural change in Gothenburg, Sweden 2016
Xueqiong Wei, Yu Ye, Qian Zhang,
et al.
Reconstruction of cropland change over the past 300 years in the Jing-Jin-Ji area, China 2016
Laura James, Henrik Halkier
Regional development platforms and related variety : Exploring the changing practices of food tourism in North Jutland, Denmark 2015
Bo Malmberg, Michael M. Nielsen, Eva Andersson,
et al.
Residential Segregation of European and Non-European Migrants in Sweden: 1990-2012 2017
Maja Lagerqvist
Reverberations of a Crisis : The Practical and Ideological Reworkings of Irish State Heritage Work in Economic Crisis and Austerity 2017
Peter Schmitt, Lisa Van Well
Revisiting Territorial Governance : Twenty Empirically Informed Components 2016
Thomas Wimark
Sexualitet och flyttningsmönster 2016
Lars Brännström, Björn Trolldal, Martin Menke
Spatial spillover effects of a community action programme targeting on-licensed premises on violent assaults : evidence from a natural experiment 2015
Natasha Alexandra Webster, Gunnel Forsberg
Spicy Meatballs and Mango Sylt : Exploring translocal food practices in rural Sweden 2016
Elisabet Lind, Håkan Wahlquist, Wilhelm Östberg
Staten begår kulturellt självmord 2016

Territorial Governance across Europe : Pathways, Practices and Prospects 2016
Lisa Van Well, Peter Schmitt
Territorial governance across Europe : Setting the stage 2016
Peter Schmitt, Lisa Van Well
Territorial governance at play : Methodological introduction to the case studies 2016
Laura James, Geert Vissers, Anders Larsson,
et al.
Territorial Knowledge Dynamics and Knowledge Anchoring through Localized Networks : The Automotive Sector in Västra Götaland 2016
Natasha A. Webster, Karen Haandrikman
Thai women in Sweden : Victims or participants? 2016
Wilhelm Östberg
The doubtful prospects of land rehabilitation in the Pokot lowlands in the mid-1980s – and its current success 2016
Karolina Doughty, Maja Lagerqvist
The ethical potential of sound in public space : Migrant pan flute music and its potential to create moments of conviviality in a 'failed' public square 2016
Chris de Bont, Gert Jan Veldwisch, Hans Charles Komakech,
et al.
The fluid nature of water grabbing : the on-going contestation of water distribution between peasants and agribusinesses in Nduruma, Tanzania 2015


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