Mingus Wass, tidigare student på masterprogrammet i samhällsplanering vid Stockholms universitet, har vunnit Svensk Demografisk Förenings uppsatstävling 2021 med examensarbetet i samhällsplanering ”Residential segregation of poverty. A longitudinal study of socio-economic segregation in Stockholm County 1991-2016” från vårterminen 2020. Handledare för examensarbetet var Karen Haandrikman, Kulturgeografiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet.

Juryns motivering

“The winning thesis is a topical and well-motivated quantitative exercise in validating and extending existing estimates of socio-economic segregation in Stockholm County for the period 1991-2016. The thesis goes further by systematically comparing common techniques for measuring segregation to inform a discussion on how sensitive these estimates are to the choice of method. It is thus a well-executed piece of independent research with a clear contribution. Overall, the thesis is extremely well-written, and the presentation thereof is balanced, clear, and accessible to a non-expert.”