Tola Gemechu Ango

Child labour, ecosystem services, land change,
natural resource conservation, political ecology, rural livelihoods and development



Johan Berg
Senior Lecturer



historical geography; landscape history; urban history; Middle Ages


Lowe Börjeson
Associate Professor

Keywords: rural landscapes; society-environment processes; land-use change; landscape history; landesque capital


Victor Mbande
PhD Student


Oscar Jacobsson
PhD Student



Ulf Jansson
Senior Lecturer

Key words: rural, historical geography, commons, forestry, agriculture, early-modern, modern


Peter Kinlund
Senior Lecturer

Keywords: political ecology; rural livelihoods; food security; cash crop production; Ethiopia


Annika Strandin Pers



Mats Widgren
Professor Emeritus

Keywords: landesque capital; historical ecology; history of agricultural landscapes; Scandinavia; east and southern Africa


Anders Wästfelt

Keywords: agrarian geography and history; GIS and remote sensing; landscape heritage and history; land tenure and globalisation; spatial theory


Qian Zhang

Keywords: pastoralism; climate change adaptation and migration; environmental governance; political ecology; China


Johanna Adolfsson
PhD student


Keywords: Israel/Palestina, symbolic landscapes, pastoralists, social science remote sensing, masculinities