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Research news

Here we publish articles about new research from the Department of Human Geography.

  • Many migrants remain in the same type of neighbourhood as they first settled in 2020-03-27 The kind of neighbourhood or region that refugees and migrants first settle in is often where they remain – even when they settled in relatively poor neighbourhoods. This is a result from a new dissertation in Human Geography, which contradicts a common theory about migrants’ residential mobility.
  • How polarized is Sweden? 2020-01-21 Are we living close to people who not only think like us but also have the same life history? A new research project is now examining how segregation, neighbourhoods and our life courses affect each other.
  • Chris de Bont. Photo: Daniel Rossetti/Stockholm University Who gets to decide how to run a farm? 2019-11-21 Farmers in Tanzania often develop their own small, but yet effective, watering systems for their fields. Even though they often work better than the large-scale systems built by the government the farmers' work rarely gets valued.


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