CICERONE (Creative Industries Cultural Economy Production Network). Researchers: Thomas BorénDominic Power and Tove Henriksson in cooperation with researchers at Universiteit van Amsterdam; City, University of London; Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro; Universitat de Barcelona; SWPS Uniwersytet Humanistycznospołeczny; Universität Wien; Observatory of Cultural Economics; and KEA European Affairs.

Nordic Policy Styles in Urban and Regional Governance. Researchers: Lukas Smas (coordinator), Daniel Galland (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Hege Hofstad (Oslo Metropolitan University), Raine Mäntysalo (Aalto University), Frank Othengrafen (Leibniz University Hannover), Peter Schmitt, and Dominic Stead (Delft University of Technology).

Discursive conditions for, and consequences of, renovation and regeneration of the Million Homes Programme. Researcher: Jennie Gustafsson.

Sustainable housing 2.0? The role of eco-innovations and policy networks in the wood based housing sector in Sweden. Researcher: Ida Andersson.

Planning & Governing the Metropolis. Researchers: Peter Schmitt, Karsten Zimmermann (TU Dortmund - leading the research group) and other researchers.

Comparative Analysis of Territorial Governance and Spatial Planning Systems in Europe (ESPON COMPASS). Researchers: Lukas Smas (Nordregio) and Peter Schmitt.

Creativity from below: Understanding the socio-political construction of 'creativity' in the European city. Researchers: Thomas Borén and Craig Young (Manchester Metropolitan University).

RELOCAL: Resituating the local in cohesion and territorial development. Researchers: Thomas Borén and Peter Schmitt.

The demise of the informal city? Economic growth and street work in urban Africa. Researchers: Ilda Lindell, Onyanta Adama, and Andrew Byerley.

Urban riots: A comparative study of Stockholm and London. Researchers: Ilda Lindell, Anthony Ince (Cardiff University), and Thomas Borén.

A discipline history of Human Geography: Stories from the female side. Researchers: Gunnel Forsberg and others.

Women's forest networks: Separate organization and gender negotiations in Swedish forest governance. Researcher: Emmeline Laszlo Ambjörnsson.

(In)Formal spaces in transformation: Urban planning and everyday life in Accra. Researcher: Lena Fält.

The multiethnic rural community: Exclusion or inclusion of immigrants? Researchers: Susanne Söholt (NIBR, Högskolan i Oslo og Akershus), Gunnel Forsberg and others.

CASUAL: Co-creating attractive and sustainable urban areas and lifestyle – Exploring new forms of inclusive urban governance. Researchers: Peter Schmitt and Lukas Smas (Nordregio).

Urban imaginaries: Inclusion and exclusion in urban Africa. Researchers: Ilda Lindell, Onyanta Adama and Andrew Byerley.

When the world goes rural. Transnational migration changing the Swedish countryside. Researchers: Gunnel Forsberg, Susanne Stenbacka (Uppsala University), Ali Najib (Uppsala University), Natasha Webster, Charlotta Hedberg (Umeå University), Karen Haandrikman.

Territorial Approaches to New Governance (ESPON TANGO). Researchers: Peter Schmitt and Lisa van Well.

Geographies of place branding: researching through small and medium-sized cities. Researcher: Ida Andersson.