The urban and regional planning research carried out at the department is integrated with teaching. The lecturers are active researchers meaning that the students work close to, and have access to, experts on the subjects. This is especially important when it comes to the student research and the thesis that ends the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, but is coloring all courses in the programmes.

That teaching is carried out by active researchers also means that the education programmes have a high academic standard which is of great importance and a resource for the students when they enter the labour market. A high academic standard is also expected by the labour market as a large part of the jobs for this category of professionals demands continued on the job training and development. The labour market expects professionals that can assimilate such training.
Another aspect of the integration of teaching and research is that some students publish the results of their studies, often together with their academic supervisors, in academic and professional journals and books.

Due to the close link between research and teaching at the department the researchers/lecturers get the possibility to present their research findings as part of the contacts with the planning sector that we have through the students, especially the master students. Through this link research carried out at the department has the potential to influence decision-making at various levels, at state, municipality and county levels.