SURE is the academic home for a number of internationally successful researchers working together in various research projects relating to contemporary social and spatial processes. Projects empirically cover challenges in urban and regional contexts throughout Sweden, Europe, Africa and beyond. For on-going research topics, please scroll down.

  • SURE research is published in top ranked academic journals, international books and other publications.
  • SURE research is often carried out with external partners in academia and beyond.
  • SURE supports young researchers. Supervising and developing research is of fundamental importance in fostering a new generation of responsible scholars.
  • SURE research is primarily based on well-established social science methods.
  • SURE research is practicing the core values of Stockholm University: Openness, Creativity, Transgressive (Öppenhet, Nyskapande, Gränsöverskridande).
  • SURE research has a long history. The research focus within the group now mirrors global developments in human geography as a science.
  • SURE research networks covers large parts of Europe, America and Africa.
  • SURE is a research environment that stands for excellence.