Stockholm University offers accommodation to most exchange students but the University cannot guarantee accommodation for every exchange student. On the whole there is a shortage of student housing in Stockholm and it is not easy to find good and reasonably priced accommodation near by the campus.

Applying for student housing

When sending the registration form by e-mail to the department coordinator students indicate whether or not they are interesting in student housing. About a week after the registration form deadline students will get an e-letter from the Stockholm University Housing Office with on-line housing application details and approximately a month later the Housing Office will inform the applicants if they have received student housing or not.

Exchange students are strongly advised to apply for student housing, due to the difficulties in finding accommodation in Stockholm. Please note that exchange students are not guaranteed student housing, since the number of exchange students exceeds the number of student rooms available for exchange students almost every semester; especially in the Autumn Semester. Some semesters barely one of two exchange students have been offered student housing. Available student rooms will be allocated through a lottery to exchange students who apply within the deadline.


It is possible to find housing in the Stockholm region although finding accommodation may well be tedious and hard work. Please practice good judgment and be careful when answering advertisements for housing. Check the notice boards on campus for notes on subletting of apartments and rooms. You can also check newspapers and Internet sites. There are a number of second hand letting agencies in Stockholm. Most of them charge quite steep fees for access to their registers of available flats and most of these flats have high rents and are for short term rental only.

If you need to seek private accommodation the Stockholm University pages about housing and the web site of the Stockholm University Student Union can be good places to start looking.