Course codes

KG0000 is the course code.

Cycles and entry requirements

FC (first cycle, under-graduate or bachelor) and SC (second cycle, graduate or master) indicate the level.

For courses in the SC a bachelor degree (or equal) is required. This means that under-graduated students may apply for courses in the FC and graduate students may apply for courses in the FC and the SC.

Please note the special compulsory pre-requirements for each course. The Department will make individual assessments and minor exceptions can occasionally be made for exchange students; the minimum requirement for admission to a second cycle (master) course is a first (bachelor) degree.

During the Autumn Semester first cycle students are recommended to study the following three courses: KG1208 Swedish Geography, 7.5 HECs (period A–B), KG1209 Essay on Swedish Geography, 7.5 HECs (period C–D), and KG1304 GIS and Spatial Analysis I, 7.5 HECs (period A–B). Note: (1) Students have to pass KG1208 to start KG1209. (2) KG1209 is a flexible module, i.e. much of the tuition is individual and the study tempo can be 50% during period C–D, about 80% period C and 20% period D, or about 20% period C and 80% period D.

During the Spring Semester first cycle students are recommended to study the following four courses: KG2307 Place, Identity and Migration, 7.5 HECs (period A) or KG2311 Gender and Geography, 7.5 HECs (period A), KG2310 Challenges for Planning in the Global South, 7.5 HECs (period B), KG2313 GIS and Spatial Analysis II, 7.5 HECs (period C), and KG2314 GIS and Spatial Analysis III, 7.5 HECs (period D). Note: Students have to pass KG2313 to start KG2314. 

FC students may find additional suitable courses in other Stockholm University depts.


The credits specified below are Swedish higher education credits (HECs or credits). 1 HEC is equal to 1 ECTS credit.

Most of the courses are given as full time courses – a 7.5 credit course is given during about 5 weeks and a 15 credit course is given during about 10 weeks. The exceptions are Swedish Geography, 7.5 HECs – generally recommended for all exchange students at Stockholm University – and GIS and Spatial Analysis I, 7.5 HECs – two 50% tempo course possible to study parallelly and one is usually possible to study during the same semester period as another (full-time) course – and Essay on Swedish Geography, 7.5 HECs – also a 50% tempo course.

Academic calendar

The Stockholm University Academic Year always starts a Monday in the period August 28 – September 3 and contains two terms: the Autumn Semester and the Spring Semester. One semester runs for 20 weeks. Each semester is divided in four periods: A, B, C and D.

Choice of courses


Courses taught in English in the Department of Human Geography

Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning courses taught in Swedish
There are a number of additional under-graduate courses in Human Geography and in Urban and Regional Planning for students with a good knowledge of Swedish.

Courses in other departments incl. Geography courses taught in Swedish and Swedish language courses 
Several departments accept exchange students coming through other departments, e.g. if you come to Stockholm University as an exchange student in the Department of Human Geography you are usually welcome to also study courses in other academic departments (and the other way around). If you are interested in study at another department please visit the web site or contact the international coordinator at that department in advance to get information on how to apply for courses in that department.

For exchange students with a good knowledge of Swedish it is possible to apply to under-graduate courses in Geography (given jointly by the two geographical departments). These FC courses in geography are administrated by the Department of Physical Geography.

At many departments courses are given in English, especially in the second cycle.

The University offer Swedish language courses at various levels specifically for students from abroad. It is an advantage to have some basic knowledge of the Swedish language before coming to Stockholm – this is however not necessary.

Welcome activities and excursions

All exchange students are recommended to take part in the Stockholm University orientation programme for exchange students (in August and January).

Exchange students are welcome (as far as the number of seats in the coach admit) to participate in (one or more) one-day under-graduate excursions in the Stockholm area in Swedish. Please contact the international coordinator for more information.