Much of the University

There are many support and help functions for you as a student. Two of these are the Student Health Unit and Academic Writing Service. More information and contact details on Student Services.

The Stockholm Student Health Unit works with psychological counselling and health counselling. The Unit can help you deal with any psychological, physical, and social problems that may affect your study situation. The Health Unit functions as a complement to the standard health and medical services available to residents of Sweden.

The Academic Writing Service can support and guide you in your course work in English. The Service provides language support to students who write their course work, e.g. essays, reports, research papers, theses etc. in English.

Every autumn the Student Services keeps a special introductory course for students who have dyslexia. When given information on the opportunities the university offers to compensate the read / write handicap. Get in touch with the University coordinator for students with dyslexia.

Career Services invites to activities about the labor market. It may include job search, job interviews, and design of CVs. See also the pages about work and career.

Do you have questions about the University's student services, please go to or contact the Department Study Counsellor.