IT, computers, copiers and wifi

On campus there are several rooms with computers in addition to the departments more specialized computer labs. Wifi is accessible on the entire campus.

Language support

The University provides language support to students in English and in Swedish.


The Geolibrary is part of the Stockholm University Library (SUB) located in the same building as the Department of Human Geography. In the library there are books and journals within human and physical geography, quaternary geology, environmental science, geology and geochemistry, as well as a map room.


The Department of Human Geography courses are mainly given in the Geo-Science Building where the Department is located.

Student services

There are many support and help functions for you as a student including the Student Health Unit, and the Career Services.

University account and card

The University account with accompanying card gives Stockholm University students access to the University's IT services including the wireless network and the learning platform.


Students Office
Senior Administrative Officer Iris Claësson
Tel: +46 8 16 48 33 | Room: X326
Office hours: Monday–Thursday at 10–11 and 13–14

Academic Counselling
Study Counsellor Veronica Hohl
Tel: +46 8 16 48 37 | Room: X331

Additional contacts



University account

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