Educational system

Educational system

Starting with the Academic Year 2007/2008 Swedish higher education institutions switched to a new degree structure that conforms to the Bologna Process, the Europe-wide standardization drive for higher education. The transformation included the introduction of new levels and a new credit system. At the same time Stockholm University launched new grades.

Academic Calendar

The Stockholm University Academic Year always starts a Monday in the period August 28 – September 3 and contains two terms: the Autumn Semester and the Spring Semester. One semester runs for 20 weeks. Each semester is divided in four periods: A, B, C and D.


Under the Swedish system, one academic year of full-time studies is equivalent to 60 higher education credits (HECs or credits).


The degree structure is organized in three levels of higher education – the First Cycle (bachelor level, 3 years, 180 HECs), the Second Cycle (master level, 2 years, 120 HECs), and the Third Cycle (doctoral level, 4 years, 240 HECs).


Stockholm University degrees are awarded according to the Swedish Higher Education Authority Degree Ordinance. Find out more about degrees after programmes, degree certificates, and degree ceremonies.


The examination is made within the course period. Many forms of examination are used.


Grades at Stockholm University are usually A–F. G and U are used for minor course elements and placement courses.


In the First Cycle the language of instruction is mainly Swedish; nevertheless there are some courses in English. In the Second Cycle and in the Third Cycles the language is English.

Plagiarism and regulations for disciplinary matters

Plagiarism is considered cheating. Any student caught cheating or disrupting academic activities can be suspended.

Teaching and learning methods

The teaching methods vary depending on focus and level of the course. Courses are primarily theoretical, particularly in the Second Cycle.


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