The Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University, offers a Post-Graduate Programme in Geography with a Specialization in Human Geography.

Eligibility Requirements

Admission to the Third Cycle, the post-graduate (doctoral) level, requires that applicants meet both general and specific entry requirements. The general requirements are:

1. a university Second Cycle (master) degree, or
2. 240 Swedish higher education credits, of which a minimum of 60 credits must be Second Cycle courses, or
3. the equivalent.

The language used at the programme is either English or Swedish. Accordingly, the specific entry requirements are good knowledge and skills in either the Swedish or the English language, and a minimum of 90 credits in Human Geography, or equivalent, including a degree project of at least 15 credits. Additional details can be found in the curriculum.

Application Deadline

The Department of Human Geography fixed dates for applications are June 1 (main) and January 15 (extra). If there is funding available the Department will announce the positions some time before these dates.