The Department of Human Geography hosts three master's programmes, partly run in cooperation with other departments. The courses are in English. Each programme, comprising two years of full-time studies, i.e. four semesters and 120 higher education credits (HECs), start in the Autumn Semester. In addition the Department contribute to programmes coordinated by other Stockholm University departments.  

Regardless what of our three programmes you follow you do a 20 week thesis work. (Note: From the 2016/2017 academic year each master thesis course is open only for students accepted to a specific master’s programme.) This is compulsory. In the programmes, there are additional compulsory courses and, in addition, optional choices. All master’s programme student will get individual advice to find the best way to combine courses and develop the thesis work. Together we will formulate a study plan to guide you on your way through the programme.

The Department programmes

Master’s Programme in Human Geography, 120 HECs
Master’s Programme in Urban and Regional Planning, 120 HECs
Master’s Programme in Globalization, Environment and Social Change, 120 HECs

Programmes hosted at other departments

Master's Programme in Demography, 60 HECs (Dept. of Sociology)
Multidisciplinary Master's Programme in Demography, 120 HECs (Dept. of Sociology)
Master's Programme in Cultural Heritage Management, 120 HECs (in Swedish; Dept. of Culture and Aesthetics)
Master's Programme in Medieval Studies, 120 HECs (in Swedish; Dept. of History)
International Master's Programme in Environmental Social Science, 120 HECs (Dept. of Political Science)