Purpose and learning objectives

The aim of the course is to give the student an insight into the working life for human geographers in order to make the student more employable.

Upon completion of this course, students are expected to be able to:
– explain the practice work-places objectives, organization and activities as well as different professions positions and tasks, especially human geographers,
– reflect on the opportunities, limitations, requirements and values present at the work-place and what choices and priorities made,
– analyze and relate the work-place and work-tasks to the perspectives and themes in human geography from an academic perspective,
– reflect on their future profession and the labour market for their education,
– identify and plan their need for further knowledge,
– evaluate, summarize and formulate as well as orally and in writing communicate experiences and conclusions about work experience and applied human geography.

Content and teaching methods

The course contains a course introduction, tutoring, work experience in a organization (not at the University) and a seminar.

Course facts

Course coordinator: Urban Nordin.
Course code: KG7239.
Cycle: Second Cycle.
Main field of study: Human Geography.
Language of instruction: English or Swedish.
Pace percentage: 100%.
Course start: Autumn Semester and Spring Semester.
Semester period: The course is given both A–B, and C–D.
Module sharing: No.
Target group: The course is offered to students in the Master's Programme in Human Geography, 120 HECs.
Special eligibility requirements: 30 HECs in Human Geography from the Second Cycle. Swedish upper secondary school course English 6 or equivalent.
Selection: The course is open for students in the Master's Programme in Human Geography, 120 HECs, at Stockholm University, only. No selection is made in the group. 
Application: See the University course and programme database.

Detailed information, including grading criteria, is presented at the course and module introductions and via the collaboration and learning environment Mondo. Course syllabus, required reading and timetable will be available below.