If you are interested in studying a programme or a course in Human Geography, Urban and Regional Planning or Geography, have a question to or a matter for the Stockholm University Department of Human Geography you are welcome to contact us. Of course, also as a current student at the Department you should feel free to contact us with any question you may have.

Please note: In the First Cycle (for the bachelor degrees) almost all courses are in Swedish, in the Second Cycle (masters) courses are in English and for the Third Cycle (doctor) courses are generally in English.

Student office

The Department's Student Affairs Office is responsible for the registration of students, documentation of course results and archiving of course information. If you have questions regarding course acceptance, vacant course places or registration of examination results, please contact the Student Affairs Office.

Academic counselling

The Department Study Counsellor is specialist in the Department programmes and courses. For example, if you have questions about the content of a programme, application and admission, credit transfer, degrees, future career or want to discuss the plan for your studies, the Study Counsellor is the best contact.

Directors of studies, course and programme directors

If you have detailed questions about the course or programme content or examination it is best to contact the responsible lecturer directly. For information on exchange studies please contact the Department International Co-ordinator. You can find contact details in the contact list, the staff list, the course description and in the course guide at Mondo.