The Department Board makes decisions under the Stockholm University and the Faculty's delegation schemes and decides on the Department’s internal affairs as delegated by the head of department.

The Board's work is concentrated on matters of principle, operational guidelines, course syllabuses (establishment and revision), required course reading, admission to the post-graduate (doctoral) programme and appointments. The Department Board consists of the head of department and elected representatives of faculty, other staff and students.

The department board members January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2020

Senior Lecturer Ulf Jansson (chairperson, head of department)
Professor Bo Malmberg (deputy head of department)
Professor Eva Andersson
Senior Lecturer Andrew Byerley
Associate Professor Ilda Lourenco-Lindell
Professor Dominic Power

Group deputies:
Associate Professor Lowe Börjeson
Associate Professor Karen Haandrikman

Administrative and technical staff
Study Counsellor Veronica Hohl

Senior Administrative Officer Iris Claësson

Third cycle (doctoral) students
Joshua Levy

Emmeline Laszlo Ambjörnsson

First (bachelor) and second (master) cycle students
Emma Pohlman 

Marcus McBay  

Head of Administration Niklas Ståhl is the department board secretary.