The Department's committee for work environment, equal opportunities and environment (ALM) consist of representatives of various staff categories as well as for doctoral students and bachelor and master students. The group is an advisory body and meets a few times a year. 


The Department of Human Geography carries out a target-oriented work to promote gender equality, equal rights and opportunities. The responsibility for this rests with the head of department and the department board. The task of the committee is, inter alia, to prepare an equality plan for the Department to increase the equality of the Department and to integrate women's and gender issues in education.

Harassment and mistreatment
If you have been harassed or otherwise mistreated contact the head of department or the director of studies. If you are a student you may also contact the student safety representative (appointed by the student council of the Department, namely KultÄr) or the Stockholm University Student Union. See the pdf below with procedure for investigation of discrimination, harassment and victimization against a student at the Department of Human Geography or contact the head of department.

Contact for equality and equality issues is Ulf Jansson,


The committee monitor environmental issues at the Department and proposes measures that can help to reduce resource consumption, increase the use of environmentally friendly products and to work for increased awareness of environmental issues among staff and students.

Environment representative is Anders Rickegård,


Lowe Börjeson, senior lecturer
Iris Claësson, senior administrative officer, safety representative
Karen Haandrikman, senior lecturer
Ulf Jansson, senior lecturer, chairperson, contact for equality and equality issues
Anders Rickegård, lecturer, convenor, environment representative
Samaneh Khaef, doctoral student
Emma Ringqvist, student