The chief administrative officer is responsible for all administration including economic administration as well as human resource management.

Bachelor and master levels management meeting

A forum for discussion and coordination organized about once a month during the Academic Year. Members: the director and the assistant director of studies, the course and programme directors, the study counsellor and the head of Student Office, and a student representative.

Bachelor and master levels meeting

A forum for information, discussion and coordination for all faculty and teaching staff. Meetings about once a month during the Academic Year.

Committee for work environment, equal opportunities and environment

The committee for the work environment, equal opportunities and the environment (ALM) prepare decisions. The group includes faculty, staff, and student representatives. A few meetings a year.

Department board and head of department
The Department is managed by the department board and the head of department. The work of the board is concentrated on strategic general, economic and personnel concerns, budget, policies, accepting doctoral students, appointment of supervisors for doctoral students, decisions about course syllabuses and required course reading, and appointment of examiners. The members of board are the head and the assistant head of department, two faculty, one technical or administrative staff, one bachelor or master student, and a doctoral student. For each group of representatives there is the same number of substitutes. The director and the assistant director of studies for the bachelor and master levels are additional members and the chief administrative officer is convener and secretary. There are about six board meetings every year. The assistant head of department is appointed in case the head of department is prevented from performing the duties; the regular focus of the assistant head is research strategy.

Department management team

The management team supports the head of department, discuss current matters and division of duties. The team includes the head and the assistant head of department, the directors of studies for the bachelor, master and doctoral levels (First, Second and Third Cycles), and the chief administrative officer. The team meets every second week.

Directors of studies, and programme and course directors

The directors of studies, the programme directors and the course director are responsible for courses and programmes. For each course and course module there is a course coordinator, who together with other teachers plans, operates and examines each part of the course.

Doctoral level faculty meeting

The doctoral level faculty meeting prepares board decisions on acceptance of doctoral students, supervisors and other issues within the Post-Graduate Programme in Geography with emphasis on Human Geography. The meeting discuss research and the doctoral level including the progress of students and make proposals to the board regarding the programme and acceptance of students. All professors and associate professors at the Department and other doctoral level supervisors participate. Convener: the director of studies.

General department meeting for all faculty, academic, administrative and technical staff and doctoral students

All members of the Department meets for about one hour once a month during the Academic Year. Some years also one or two longer conferences.

Geography council

A joint advisory group for information, discussion and coordination with members from the two geography departments, the Department of Physical Geography and the Department of Human Geography. Members from the Department of Human Geography: the head of department, the director of studies for the bachelor and master levels, and the course and programme directors for the bachelor level in geography and the Master’s Programme in Globalization, Environment and Social Change. Convener and secretary: the director of studies for the bachelor and master levels from one of the departments (changes). A few meetings a year.

Geoprocessing Unit

The GeoProcessing Unit is the department GIS centre.

International coordinator

The international coordinator manages student and staff exchange including the Erasmus, Nordplus and Linnaeus-Palme programmes.


There are three research profiles: The Stockholm Urban and Regional Research Environment (SURE) with its four sub groups (Economic Geography, Urban Africa, Policy and Planning, and Gender), Historical Geography and Landscape Studies, and Population Geography, Migration and GIS. For each profile, subgroup and project there is a coordinator and contact person.

Steering group for the Bachelor's Programme in Urban and Regional Planning

The steering group for the Bachelor's Programme in Urban and Regional Planning meets about twice a year to discuss and coordinate the programme. The group includes a chairperson appointed by the Department of Human Geography, a representative and a substitute from each of the nine cooperating departments, a student representative and a substitute, and the faculty director of studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The programme director is convener and the head of the Student Office is secretary.

Student councils

Details on the two student councils, Kultär (the department student council) and the Human Geography PhD Student Council are available at the Stockholm University Student Union web site.

Student Office

The student office manages registration of students and reports of study results.

Study counsellor

The study counsellor provides information to students and guidance in educational and career issues.

Urban and regional planning council

The urban and regional planning council is a forum at the Department of Human Geography of issues related to planning and education in planning. The council does not take any decisions and prepares nor matters for decision. The council includes the head of department and the deputy head of department, the director and the assistant director of studies for the bachelor and the master levels, the programme directors for the bachelor’s and the master’s programmes in urban and regional planning and all course and module coordinators in urban and regional planning. The head of department is chair of the council.