Course registration

Registration is made online January 4–7.

If there are technical problems please contact the Stockholm University IT Helpdesk and if the are other registration related issues the Department Office via e-mail

Course introduction

The introduction is a compulsory part of the course. All introductions take place in the Geo-Science Buildning. The exact location is shown in the course schedule. Information about course content, reading list and schedule can be found in the course description of each course, please follow the course link below.

Please note: From the Spring Semester 2018 all teaching in the Department of Human Geography begins on the hour – e.g. a course introduction, according to schedule, begins at 10.00, consequently starts exactly at ten o’clock. (Up to the Autumn Semester 2017, the Department applied an academic quarter system so teaching usually started 15 minutes over an hour, i.e. cum tempore, for example at 10.15.)

Here you will only find English courses; for courses in Swedish please go to the Swedish web site.

* The course runs twice during the term and there is a special course introduction for each course occasion, see the course schedule.