Sabine Weck, ILS – Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development, Ali Madanipour, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University, and Peter Schmitt, Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University, are editors for the special issue on place-based development and spatial justice in European Planning Studies based on the RELOCAL project within EU Horizon 2020.

"Place-based development and spatial justice" is written by Sabine Weck, Ali Madanipour and Peter Schmitt.


The concept of spatial justice and the European Union’s territorial cohesion – Ali Madanipour, Mark Shucksmith and Elizabeth Brooks

Knowledge and place-based development – towards networks of deep learning – Thomas Borén and Peter Schmitt

Reading EUropean borderlands under the lens of legal geography and spatial justice – Estelle Evrard

A drop in the sea or catalyst for change: diverse effects of the place-based approach in Europe – Judit Keller and Tünde Virág

The Finnish way of CLLD: place-based or half-hearted implementation? – Patrik Hämäläinen and Sarolta Nemeth

Geographies of (in)justice and the (in)effectiveness of place-based policies in Greece – George Petrakos, Lefteris Topaloglou, Ageliki Anagnostou and Victor Cupcea

Can digitalisation be a tool to overcome spatial injustice in sparsely populated regions? The cases of Digital Västerbotten (Sweden) and Smart Country Side (Germany) – Linnea Löfving, Viktoria Kamuf, Timothy Heleniak, Sabine Weck and Gustaf Norlén

Having a voice and a place: Local youth driving urban development in an East German town under transformation – Viktoria Kamuf and Sabine Weck

Spatial justice on the horizon? A combined Theory of Change scenario tool to assess place-based interventions – Simone Piras, Paulina Tobiasz-Lis, Margaret Currie, Karolina Dmochowska-Dudek, Karolina, Dominic Duckett and Andrew Copus