Mingus Wass, former student in the Master's Programme in Urban and Regional Planning at Stockholm University, has won the Swedish Demographic Association's thesis competition 2021 with the master’s thesis in urban and regional planning “Residential segregation of poverty. A longitudinal study of socio-economic segregation in Stockholm County 1991-2016 ” from the spring semester 2020. Karen Haandrikman, Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University, supervised the thesis.

Motivation of the jury

“The winning thesis is a topical and well-motivated quantitative exercise in validating and extending existing estimates of socio-economic segregation in Stockholm County for the period 1991-2016. The thesis goes further by systematically comparing common techniques for measuring segregation to inform a discussion on how sensitive these estimates are to the choice of method. It is thus a well-executed piece of independent research with a clear contribution. Overall, the thesis is extremely well-written, and the presentation thereof is balanced, clear, and accessible to a non-expert.”