Adapted teaching methods autumn 2021

The university has decided to open its operations in the autumn of 2021, according to the president’s decision. This mainly means, which is communicated on the university's website 20210607 “From the autumn term, most steps can be performed on site if the infection situation and vaccination coverage so allows. Teaching for large groups of students on site in the form of large lectures, etc. will, however, be avoided, especially at the beginning of the autumn.” Exam service, ie the possibility of exams in large halls opens at the turn of the month September-October. In essence, all current restrictions have eased for the university from 1 June 2021.

We welcome all students to Frescati to follow our courses and the focus is that normal conditions regarding teaching on campus will be implemented during the autumn of 2021. However, we want to do this in a safe way and will offer the opportunity to follow courses on the web and in in some cases limit the number of students at certain stages.

Second Cycle – Master Courses

To make it easier for international students who follow master's courses and courses given in English, it is decided that these are given both on the web and on campus for the first 10 weeks of the semester, as well as the independent courses in GIS (KG1304) and Swedish Geography (KG1208). As a student, it will be possible to follow the courses in their entirety via the web.

First Cycle – Bachelor Level

At the Department of Human Geography, it is decided that the introductory courses on all programs at the undergraduate level should initially be able to be completed both on campus and via the web. However, there may be compulsory elements on campus for certain courses, such as examinations, excursions, exercises and hall exams. This means that the first courses, five weeks on the bachelor's programs (course codes KG1306 and KG1301). The first ten weeks of term five in Urban and Regional Planning and Human Geography (KG331S, KG332S) and Human Geography (KG3300) are given in hybrid format, ie on-line and on campus.

As a student or teacher, you must follow the regulations that apply during the autumn. If the rule that you should stay at home if you show symptoms remains, you should of course stay at home. It should then be possible to follow the course anyway. We need flexibility in these times. If there are rules about distance, these must be maintained.
The course content may need to be adapted on several points. Holding bus excursions with many students as well as large hall exams will probably be limited at the beginning of the semester. Larger groups in lecture halls will also probably be difficult to implement depending on the regulations. It may then be relevant to divide the groups so that some can follow it on video (zoom).

If the regulations and conditions change, we are prepared to reconsider the decision.