The Geo-Science Building from the south side.
The Geo-Science Building from the south side.

Since the late 1950s a new geography building has been planned at Stockholm University. Construction began in May 1995 and the departments moved in during the summer 1997. September 19, 1997, the Geo-Science Building was inaugurated.

The Geo-Science Building was designed by Anders Pyk, Dag Cavallius and Snorre Lindquist at Nyréns' architect's office in Stockholm after planning and sketches by Anders Pyk och Dag Cavallius at the same company. Interior designer was Per Åstrandsson, Creo, and the garden was designed by Bengt Isling, Nyréns. Building company was JM Byggnads AB. Akademiska Hus own the building.

2007–2008 the Geo-Science Building was rebuilt to house one additional department, the Department of Applied Environmental Science (today the Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry). In 2015 more than 300 solar panels was installed on the roofs to cover part of the building's electricity needs.

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